Power Of M762 😍 | PUBG MOBILE

25 мар 2021
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    • Levinho😍 big fan😍

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  • To be honest, I thought Levinho didn't activate the auto aim switch 🐣 now I know why.....

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  • Sniper :AWM AR:GROZA OR M762

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  • Levinho 0:31 very hard situtation😮

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  • Finally Azerbaijan gamers

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  • What an amazing fight on last minute bro!!

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  • Please someone tell the song while start of vedio?

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  • When you play I feel like I am playing with you

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  • Nice Levinho you are best Player Lévò more videos 5675004514❤️❤️

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  • First look in this video is a *_Teddy_* Bear at the iron sight of M762 😀

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  • LEviNHo s favourite gun M762

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  • I miss you your game play levinho

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  • When u said subscribe for more pubg videos i was like:YES CAPITAN,I DID THAT.

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  • Why Levinho not playing hundred rhythms (3rd anniversary) ??

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  • These people play like they just did 6 lines of coke lmao

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  • Why don't you make a intro song like sevou??

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  • Best video

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  • Not the power of m762 but the power of the one who uses it and its you❤️

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  • Fantastic forever

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  • I have a big doubt,why is Levinho using holo instead of reddot? 🤔

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